Fields of activity of the Agency for Rural Development of Istria

Agriculture, hunting, forestry, fisheries – preparing and implementing economic development programmes and projects in the following areas:

•  Research and development – collection, processing and statistical analysis of data related to rural areas and activities therein, elaboration of scientific projects for the development of rural areas, holding presentations

•  Strategic planning – drawing up strategic development programmes for Istria County

•  Project preparation – elaborating projects, selection and coordination of partners, drawing up final documents

•  Project implementation – team selection and creation, candidate training, implementation coordination, activity supervision, final evaluation  

•  Managing economic development programmes – implementation and management of programmes in rural areas of Istria

•  Promotion of Istria County – participation in national and international fairs, promotion of typical Istrian products

•  Farmer training – seminars, information about tenders, improving the level of practical knowledge, consultancy services